SEA, SUN, SURF – My favorite Hawaii beaches to learn how to surf!

When I was stationed in Germany awaiting orders to my next military duty station, my Commander asked me “How do you feel about the sand?”  I thought for sure I was getting sent to the Middle East as the Department of Defense had a lot of military members in the region at the time.  Then, he surprised me with orders to the island of Oahu, Hawaii!  It was my last assignment in the military after 20+ years and by far, my favorite!  What’s not to like about Hawaii?  The weather is spectacular, the beaches are beautiful, the Hawaiians welcome visitors with “E Komo Mai” and traditional flower leis.   And if you enjoy outdoor activity, Hawaii is the place to be.  From hiking Diamond Head crater, to snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, activities abound.  For me, learning how to surf was a must.  I never got very good at it during my four years in Hawaii, but it sure put a smile on my face every time I got up on a wave. And for beginner surfers, two of the surf spots I enjoyed the most were Publics (by the Waikiki Aquarium and Queens Beach) in Waikiki and Barbers Point (~ 15 miles west of Waikiki) in Kapolei.  ALOHA!