HEALTH & WELLNESS – Great Spa Towns of Europe

In 2021, UNESCO added 11 spa towns to its world heritage list – one of them is Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. What makes Karlovy Vary unique is its concentration of curative, natural mineral hot springs coupled with an impressive array of architectural colonnades dating back to the 1800s.   After a relaxing spa, Karlovy Vary offers the inquisitive tourist a wide variety of options.  In addition to boasting over a dozen museums and galleries, theater is another key attraction and Karlovy Vary annually hosts The International Film Festival.  A hub of gastronomy, visitors will also want to check out the many fitness activities offered – from hiking in the spa woods, to biking along an impressive trail system, to kayaking along the Ohře, the 4th longest river in the Czech Republic. Lastly, Karlovy Vary is very accessible from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic whose city center is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is less than a 2-hour train, bus, car, or ride share away!